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Scouting the Web was launched in hopes of offering resources to the Scouting community. We're Scouters and have benefited greatly from internet resources. We're looking to pass some unique resources on to you. Please check back often . . . our resources and programs will grow throughout time.
Scouting the Web Patch
Scout Internet Patch
Scouts can earn this Scout Internet patch online right now as they show their knowledge of computers and the Cub Scout Program by taking an online quiz. This Scout web patch makes for a great Den activity. Many of the requirements meet those for the computer belt loop.

Scouting Downloads
Download various computer or web resources to help you support your unit's needs. Latest version includes support to track Show and Sell sales as well as tracking Take-N-Sell sales and inventory.

Popcorn Kernel Patch2012 Boy Scout Popcorn Tracker Spreadsheet!!
Version 1.0 - 8/15/2012

NEW DESIGN! Get your unofficial Scout Popcorn Kernel (or is it Colonel) Badge of Office Leaders Emblem. Get this Popcorn Kernel emblem for your Scout unit's chief organizer of this important popcorn fundraising event.

Scouting Directory
We've integrated the Open Directory Project listings related to Scouting into our site to help you quickly find the resources you're looking to find. Search the directory or browse the many Scouting related categories.

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