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Scouting The Web AwardThe Scouting The Web Award of Excellence is presented to Scout oriented web sites whose content and presentation excel and are a real asset to the Internet Scouting community. Awards are given to all types of Scouting sites whether a Pack, Troop, informational or other type of site. Awards are given monthly based on the Award Committee's personal browsing and in line with these characteristics:

  • Site has excellent content.
  • Site is easily navigated.
  • Site presents information well.
  • Site doesn't require extensive plug-ins.
  • Site has a good balance between text and graphics.
  • Site utilizes graphics appropriately for all Internet connections.
  • Site fulfills target market or purpose.
  • Site is graphically appealing.
  • Site appears to be kept up to date.
  • Site is accessible to the public.
  • Site has at least some original graphics.
  • Site doesn't publish Scout full names.
  • Site is an asset to the Scouting Community.
If you would like to nominate a site for us to review for the coming month's award you may send us an email with your name, site URL and a brief description to . Sites are selected based on the Committee's personal browsing and nomination may not be necessary, but is helpful if you would like us to look at it. Sites submitted will only be considered for the next month's award. If you would like to be considered in the future, renominating the site would be helpful. Only one site is selected each month to be presented the award.


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