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Scout Internet Patch AwardWe are pleased to offer the "Scouting the Web Award" for those Scouts who have demonstrated their ability to gather information with computers and the Internet about Scouting and the Cub Scout program. Many of the requirements for this award also qualify for a significant part of earning the Cub Scout Academic and Sports Program Computer Belt Loop

This Scout Internet award is in the form of a 3" patch as shown to the right. To earn the Scouting web award patch, click on the link below. This will open a new window from which you will find 15 questions related to the Cub Scout program, computers and the internet. Many of the answers can be found at various sites on the Internet. Feel free to utilize another window to search for the answers. You have 15 minutes to complete the quiz. Please do not close the quiz window  or else you will have to restart the process.

If you successfully answer all 15 questions correctly, a special window will pop-up with information on obtaining your Award emblem for a small fee (about $3.00) either online or by mail. If your entire group or Den is completing the quiz as an activity, you can order more than one patch at a time. More information on ordering the award will be displayed to those who get 100% correct. Feel free to take the quiz as many times as you wish.

This Scouting Internet patch award is geared towards Scouts in the Cub Scout Program or grade level equivalent, however anyone may participate. For Boy Scouts and Scout Leaders we suggest doing the Scout Internet Award program which offers age appropriate activites and awards for those groups. Over 1,000 scouts have earned this award patch since 2003!

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