White Cliffs Bay


White Cliffs Bay is nestled on the coast of Cumbria, definitely one of the best coastal holiday locations in the UK. This beautiful seaside resort has been voted as one of the UK’s top 10 places to holiday. Why not treat yourself or your loved ones to a day out at Whitecliff Bay? Spas, pools, day cruises – there is something for everyone when it comes to holidaying in White Cliffs. Enjoy yourself and get your Adrenalin pumping with some exciting activities on our famous beaches!


What can be more exciting than sunbathing on the golden beach? Buckets and spade in the sand! Prepare for an authentic seaside vacation like no other in Whitecliff Bay Holiday Park nestled in a breathtaking location overlooking the amazing coastline. The two-mile stretch of golden sands is lined with accommodation including town houses, cottages, farmhouses and hotels.


White Cliffs Bay also boasts a wide range of facilities. From family fun days, to activity days, from art galleries to nature parks, there are so many things to do in White Cliffs. If you fancy doing a bit of treasure hunting, why not try Sea Wolf, the local’s largest and most exciting water-based attraction. The beach is surrounded by more than eighty acres of sea space and a constantly evolving sea life environment.


There is a great deal of history in White Cliffs Bay. In fact, the area was originally a Roman military fortress. If you are a history buff, don’t miss out on a visit to Matlock Bath, a 16th century old Victorian dockyards with lovely harbour access. The baths were turned into a popular public baths which still trade today. If you love the idea of soaking in the sea, then there is so much more White Cliffs Bay to excite your senses.


You can walk down the longest pier in England if you venture out from Matlock Bath. It’s called the Caledonia Pier. The view from here is stunning. The pier is surrounded by three large beach huts and offers easy access to all White Cliffs Bay facilities. There are lovely little shops on the shore as well as a supermarket and two restaurants.


White Cliffs Bay is well connected by train and bus services to London and Manchester. There are also several coach hire companies around that can take you almost anywhere in the city. The busiest times to travel from Manchester to White Cliffs Bay are in the busy Spring season, from early April to late June. Passengers can take a double ticket, or a single one for the same price. Traveling in spring can be an all-day affair. You can wake up and travel to White Cliffs Bay in the early hours, have breakfast at a cafe in Matlock Bath before continuing to your coach and embark on your tour.


During the cooler months, you will find that the area remains fairly quiet. There are a couple of small bed and breakfast accommodations in the area, but more often than not it is better to book ahead to get a better choice of accommodation. These are generally not very expensive hotels. Many offer all-inclusive deals and local transport links to the city’s centre.


White Cliffs Bay is renowned for its boating possibilities. Quite a few vessels cover the bay’s waters, and you will be able to view many famous water sports on deck. The sea front of the town has a picturesque pier with white sand on a central stretch of land. This is the most popular part of the town, where visitors tend to congregate. However, if you are interested in the inland waters, there is the Solent where you can enjoy sailing, water-skiing and windsurfing. Don’t forget that you should wear a life jacket while in the water.