Used Caravans


Used caravans are very popular in the UK, especially on the large lake banks and also along coastal areas. There are many things to consider when looking to buy a used caravan although perhaps the most important is to consider what your budget is. In order to make the right choice, you need to research the market to see how much you can get for your money. The good news is there are used caravans on today’s market that are top quality with a wealth of extra features and space that can transform a regular caravan into a luxurious getaway. Research and knowledge are the key to buying any used caravans.


A lot of people think that using caravans are only suitable for people that have an excess of cash to spare or that are looking for a holiday home. This could not be further from the truth as used caravans are a fantastic way to invest money into your future. There are so many used caravans on the market now that it is possible to get a great deal. However, the first step is to decide what kind of caravan you want to buy. This will be down to personal preference but most used caravans come in one of three varieties.


Panel Caravans These are the most popular and traditional form of used caravans as they are the most versatile. They are also the least expensive option but also the easiest to convert into a caravan. In a Panel caravans the frame and roof are generally constructed out of timber making them quite weatherproof. With this type of used caravan you are able to erect either the horizontal or vertical flaps depending on the weather conditions. The ceiling can be fitted with double glass panels to provide extra security. If you are looking for a caravan that will stay static during the summer months then this is a good option.


Portable Caravans These used caravans are very popular as they are extremely easy to transport from place to place. These usually have a strong fold up lid which is perfect for winter holidays when the weather can get a bit chilly. Due to their size and portability used caravans such as these can usually be accommodated in the boot of a vehicle or a garage.


Motorhome Caravans These types of used caravans are the largest and most expensive of all used caravans. They are usually full of space and luxury and because they can be driven by the owner themselves they are very popular amongst holiday makers. They offer the best of both worlds as they can be taken on holiday and used as a luxurious holiday home. However they are more suited to a family who wants somewhere to go and sleep when their own accommodation is not available. As they are larger than other used caravans they can be quite expensive.


Camper Van Caravans These used caravans are similar to motorhomes in that they have a large living area and sleeping accommodation in the base. The difference however is that a camper van can be transported by car instead of by people. This makes them very versatile and adaptable to most climates and they offer the same facilities as motorhomes which makes them ideal for people who don’t want to make the commitment to buying and owning a new caravan.


There are many other types of used caravans available on the market which means that there is something for every budget and need. If you are a small family and only need the caravan for a short amount of time each year then a touring caravan would be ideal. These used caravans are similar to cars in that they tend to have a small sitting room and bed, although they can be found in different colours, sizes and styles. These tend to be a little cheaper than other used caravans and as they are more suitable for occasional holiday use they are often affordable. If you are looking for a larger caravan that will be used on a regular basis then an all season used caravans or RVs may be more suitable for you.


Whichever used caravans that you choose you will find that they are highly durable and if treated properly will last a long time. The key to ensuring that your used caravans are in the best condition possible is to take great care when moving them from one place to another. It is advisable to hire professional movers to make the move easier and prevent any unnecessary delays. Even though the used caravans may look great they could have been left in bad conditions and it is important that you get them moved carefully so that no damage occurs during the relocation process.