A quaint little fishing village on the banks of The River Esk and just two hours from Melbourne it is Wightbay. The buildings are reasonably modern and the harbour area is wide and clear. It is a quaint place to live and if you are looking for a holiday home, property in Wightbay is ideal. There are many properties for sale and all are fully furnished. Most are set on the beach and come with their own detached garage and a secluded patio.


Wightbay is renowned as a place for sailing is an exciting activity to engage in while staying in one of the many attractive cabins. There are plenty of lovely restaurants and cafes in the village, which run you into plenty of money. There are also plenty of other activities such as cycling, walking, fishing and camping in the surrounding bushland. The railway station, the harbour and the nearby forest are also only a stones throw away.


Wightbay is a popular tourist destination for people who love to explore new places. If you prefer a quieter holiday then you could opt for a peaceful self catering accommodation. Accommodation options range from farmhouses to holiday cottages and everything in between. Your budget will help you determine the type of accommodation you can afford.


You will find plenty of sporting activities in Wightbay. There are many fishing stores and boating centres located close to the town. There are also many festivals and shows taking place at various times of the year. In Wightbay, Australia, tourists enjoy all types of outdoor sports and they love the sunshine and all that it has to offer. They will be able to participate in beach sports, water sports, surfing, walking and hiking.


As well as being a holiday destination, Wightbay is also a regional park and recreational area. There are also a number of museums, art galleries and heritage buildings. This area was originally a thriving mining town during the Gold Rush days. The Victorians also made significant contributions to the development here. There are many heritage buildings to see and visit including the historic churches, abbeys and public houses. The National Trust Museum is another excellent choice for those interested in antiques and antique items.


The town has a fantastic railway station and bus terminal, both operated by Luton Railway. The closest airport is Luton International Airport. If you’re planning a trip from further afield, you can arrange to get around the city using a tram or train. There is no taxis available in the area and taxis are not allowed in certain areas. There is however, a minicab service which can take you where you want to go.


The Night Bus is an excellent way to see the sights of the town without having to travel by any means. It’s a one-way trip that gives you the opportunity to visit many areas and take part in many interesting stories along the way. There are so many interesting sites to see and experiences to have that there really is never a dull moment.


The weather in Wightbay is mild and pleasant throughout the year. There are some mild and wet winters, however, with spring and autumn providing great opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities. There is plenty of opportunity for leisure and entertainment, especially with the large number of theatres and clubs that are located in the area. Many of these are run by the volunteers of The Town Council, who runs events to bring people together and get them involved in local life. You are sure to find something suitable to suit your interests and your budget.